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Loading and Unloading

Mybar was founded over 20 years ago at the request of our transportation customers to offer dedicated, onsite loading and unloading in New Jersey’s Grocery Industry.  Since then we have grown into a full service material handling company serving the grocery, retail, tire and import distribution industries. 


Our model is to offer a managed, fixed-cost solution for what is likely the most labor intensive task in your facility.  We accomplish this by incenting our team to turn your doors and dock quickly and efficiently in order to get the job done right the first time.  Mybar empowers your leaders to focus on the big picture while promoting an entrepreneurial work ethic on your dock.  This is accomplished through our Pay-For-Performance payroll models.  Our staff is often compensated in the same manner that we invoice our clients.  This creates a climate of aggressive involvement on the dock and winning attitude for your entire facility.


Mybar Specializes in…

Trailer/Container Loading and Unloading

Cross Dock and Transloading Operations

High Touch, Manual and Automated Material Handling.


Contact our team and let us show you how Mybar can take your operations to the next level.


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