Warehouse Services


Warehouse Services

At Mybar we go way beyond the loading and unloading of freight!  We deliver comprehensive labor management solutions that help your organization stay competitive while enhancing quality, efficiency and productivity.  Our process is a combination of engineering, labor management and supervision.  Prior to beginning services, we conduct an in-depth assessment that determines your goal, needs and operational capabilities.  Once completed, we provide you with a detailed proposal outlining Mybar’s rate structures, operational goals and overall strategies to meet and exceed our partner’s expectations.


Our Pay-For-Performance models are custom tailored to incent our associates in the same manner you are invoiced.  Whether by the piece, line, pallet or pound, we promote accuracy and productivity in much the same manner you invoice your customers and track your profitability.


Moreover, at Mybar we make sure all of our solutions are scalable and flexible to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We streamline many of your labor costs and greatly reduce or eliminate fees associated with…

  • Recruiting

  • Screening

  • Employee Benefits

  • Workman’s Comp

  • Overtime

  • Unemployment Insurance


Mybar Specializes in…

Cost Per Unit Labor Solutions

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Order Selecting • Product Storage

  • Down stacking • Re-Palletizing

  • RF Receiving • Receiver Reconciliations

  • Customer Order Auditing • Janitorial Services

  • Pallet Alignment • Kitting and Subassembly


Cost Per Unit Flexible Labor – Special Projects

  • Product Labeling

  • Product Liquidation

  • Re-Packaging

  • Banding/Branding

  • Disaster Recovery


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